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Azadi Fellowship (III) آزادی ۔ انصاف ۔ جمہوریت

International Research Council for Religious Affairs (IRCRA) is organizing a residential fellowship program in Islamabad for young professionals, diverse faith leaders, academia, media, women and community leaders who have a demonstrated interest in the areas of democracy, religious freedom, peace and human rights. In this program, eminent experts of the respective fields will be available for discussion and dialogue.
Moreover, a visit to several important institutions and places will also be arranged.


Duration: Expected Dates to be announced soon
Region:  Nation wide (all over Pakistan)
Age Limit: 18 to 35
Facilities: Fully funded residential fellowship program
Location: Islamabad


WhatsAPP: 0311 0299995 
Landline: 051-2726805
E-mail: info@ircra.org