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In Pakistan, the religious community, civil society, and educational leaders all play critical roles in creating a society in which people can resolve issues based on identity, cultural, and religious preconceptions peacefully.


Religious leaders provide moral and spiritual guidance for Pakistan’s population and can serve as a crucial entry point for vulnerable youth and other populations susceptible to manipulation and recruitment by violent extremists. As social leaders they provide a variety of services to their communities and as preachers they influence thousands each week in places of worship. Understanding religious dynamics in these situations is crucial for understanding the roots of societal cohesiveness or, on the other hand, injustice and division. The dynamics determine the essential action and assistance.


This is precisely why the IRCRA was established. The International Council for Religious Affairs (IRCRA) was founded in 2013 as a non-profit, non-governmental advocacy think tank and research organisation under the Societies Act of 1860. Throughout its existence, IRCRA has promoted and fostered community-wide, constructive, dialogic, and successful social and civic initiatives, and will continue to do so in the future.


The goal of IRCRA has been to engage Pakistan’s community and faith leaders in training and capacity-building programmes that promote tolerance and peace, with a focus on critical thinking skills, tolerance, human rights, conflict resolution, sustainability, gender equalities, and youth development.


IRCRA’ advisory board and network comprised of eminent experts from all  faiths, civil society and the academic world. Through their support and advise the IRCRA has been able to achieve outstanding results  to address the issues of sectarianism, obscurantism, and violent extremism. IRCRA has established and maintained a broad and intellectually sound network of individuals, ulemas and scholars of madrasas, colleges, universities, think tanks, NGOs, and other organisations that facilitated national lecture tours, workshops, and pursued projects of religious re-conciliation, peacebuilding, inter-faith harmony, tolerance promotion, and democratic culture in the most difficult regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. IRCRA is grateful to its supporters, team member and advisors for their contributions to promote rationality, peace and prosparity in the region.

Muhammad Israr Madani

Muhammad Israr Madani

Founder President

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