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Success Stories

Sectarian Reconciliation in the month of Moharram

Pakistan has witnessed violence and bloodshed in the month of Moharram where the tensions and conflict between Shia and Sunni are heightened. IRCRA’s “Reconciliation Advocates” comprised of religious scholars and activists from diverse sects from Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and erstwhile FATA actively worked for disseminating a message of peaceful reconciliation and tolerance. IRCRA alumni also write articles in local newspapers and utilize social media to amplify the narrative of peaceful coexistence and respect for the religious freedom of all faiths. Such efforts helped reduce violence in many cases where it could have gone out of hand otherwise.

Transformation of Views on Democracy - Testimonial

“I studied a lot of literature against democracy and the constitution of Pakistan and developed hatred and rejection of the Pakistani state. The concept of democracy seemed to me a mere heresy. However IRCRA’s workshops on democratic values and constitutionalism changed my views and helped me gain a better understanding of the both with an acceptance of democracy and constitution”.

Moulana Ata ur Rahman Laghari

Mosque Imam in Rawalpindi

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